Betrayed by Elizabeth Devine

Betrayed is a novel which moves from the pleasures of the bedroom to the episodic politics of the boardroom. Set in the fictitious community of Lakeland, Taylor Long’s placid family life is interrupted by accusations she murdered two co-workers. Entrapped by circumstance the protagonist has more than enough reasons to want her employer dead, as […]

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Confronting Infinity

  Confronting Infinity       Borders between life and death have moved from science fiction to exploratory science. Paranormal studies were once only a fringe study. Now the fringe is rapidly becoming main stream. Since man’s inception into this universe he has suspected there is more to being human than a physical self. The […]

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The Delinquent Author

A huge problem for many editors, proofreaders and book reviews is the delinquent author. After a fee schedule is agreed to, with the payment expected at the completion of the work performed, the author decides to play financial charades with you. My Paypal account is corrupted in some manner or form. Another approach is they do […]

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The Martian factor

  The Martian factor            For centuries people gazed at a red dot in space called Mars. With the advent of telescopes early astronomers believed they saw canals on the surface of this world. Canals meant water and water meant intelligent life existed there. As time went by technology enabled humans to […]

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