The Price of Freedom: In Search of the American Dream


The Price of Freedom: In Search of the American Dream


Author: Elizabeth Devine


Reviewer: Mark Davis




Cultural transition is always difficult. When it is fraught with extreme hardship and the loss of love ones the path is that much worse. Elizabeth Devine’s factual novel, The Price of Freedom, reflects on life in an Italian village prior to World War One. As the guns of war approached disruption in day to day routine was inevitable. Many sought refuge in America. This required uprooting families and long arduous journeys to a place which held the promise of better opportunities for all.  Sadly many never realized the full dream. The author artfully describes how several generations of immigrants finally found redemption in a land far from home. As The Price of Freedom eloquently reveals sometimes the cost of a journey far exceeds the rewards envisioned. This novel provided me with a new appreciation for the elements my forebearers faced as they took passage to the country I call home. An exceptional  book for anyone’s library.

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