The Devil’s Concubine by Sebati Edward Mafate


The Devil’s Concubine by Sebati Edward Mafate






Dark forces are thematic throughout this well written novel by Sebati Edward Mafate. Protagonist, Raymond Pata, decides to break with his family and move to California. His ultimate goal is to sit atop of the music industry. Influenced by the cultural dynamics of his Haitian origins, including mysticism, he moves through the circles of life until evil overwhelms his entire being. In order to support his dream he connects with a carjacking ring stealing high end vehicles. Living in the shadows of life Raymond becomes exceptionally talented in his second career, auto theft. Entrenched by the powers of darkness Raymond takes to ritualistic killing of those who yielded their vehicles to him. Symbolism is well utilized by this author to foreshadow future occurrences. The Protagonist’s eye for beauty is his final downfall as Hell paradoxically targets him. Author Mafate cleverly weaves a story rich in detail displaying a soul that thrives on carnage and the very blood of other human beings. This page-turner was difficult to put down even for the most human of circumstances. No doubt The Devil’s Concubine will fly off the shelves as readers become aware of it.

cover devils concubibe

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