Confronting Infinity


Confronting Infinity




Borders between life and death have moved from science fiction to exploratory science. Paranormal studies were once only a fringe study. Now the fringe is rapidly becoming main stream. Since man’s inception into this universe he has suspected there is more to being human than a physical self. The word soul has been named in a thousand different ways all with similar meanings: a detached ethereal component of the human body which lives on after physical death. A more modernistic approach to the definition is an incorporeal entity that exists at the quantum level which is indestructible and lives on after all physical activity ceases. Pick your choice both definitions imply a transition into another mode of reality. With great privilege and humility I was allowed to be part of the dying process of hundreds who I knew well in life. These patients and a few friends were aware their time was short in this living environment. One specifically stands out. A former teacher nearing the age of 95 was under my care in a nursing home. Her mind was as sharp as the proverbial tack. The subject of death often crossed her mind. She believed ( I am paraphrasing) a door opened somewhere to let the departed through.  I never saw any fear in her. All I can state from my humble perch is every human will confront this transition, believers or not, that there is an awakening somewhere else. This is one man’s opinion without proselytizing his intrinsic beliefs.




Mark Davis, MD


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